10 Travel Destinations You’ve Been Mispronouncing Your Whole Life

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

This city is famously difficult to pronounce right, so we hope this picture helps. Now, when you decide to travel to Reykjavik you won’t have to feel shy and unsure if you’re saying it correctly. There are multiple reasons to travel to Iceland but here’s a few that stand out to us. Reykjavik is a city of contrasts when it comes to seasons.

In the winter they only get about 2 hours of sunlight a day, and in the summer it basically never gets dark and they have 24 hours of sunlight. That is extremely unusual and doesn’t really happen in any other part of the world, so we think it’s an occurrence that’s definitely worth experiencing. As you can imagine the nightlife of this city is extraordinary. There’s a plethora of pubs, clubs and bars which will leave you astounded. Another reason to travel here is to go for a swim in their geothermal pools. There’s 16 in the city, so you’re never too far from a warm pool.

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