10 Fastest Things On Earth

Thrust SSC

fastest thing

The Thrust SSC aka Thrust Supersonic Car is a British jet-propelled car, which was the first ever car to break the sound barrier, having achieved the speed of 764 mph (or 1227.9 km/h) in 1997. It was powered by two afterburning Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan engines, which developed a net thrust of 223 kN – a power output of 110,000 bhp, burning around 18 liters per second. The car was 16.5 meters long, 3.7 meters wide and weighed 10.5 tons.

It broke the record whilst driven by Royal Air force fighter pilot wing commander Andy Green in the Black Rock dessert in Nevada. What makes this car even more stunning – it looks like it belongs in a retro sci-fi movie!

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